glass/december 2020


the first iteration of my site, it is very plain (2017)

September 2017: I ask 3 questions for Owlman's Freefire AMA Questions

the marble era (2017)

During this time period, I had so much gifs on my page. I added a side bar as well eventually, but I took it off considering all the complications.

Below are some thumbnails of my site from during this era:

December 2017, I was longlisted for's site awards. see here
In spring of 2018, I requested a MS Paint work from owlman, saying, "The Mona Lisa or some sort of classical art. Mostly anything will do..."
In return, a version of Vasily Vereshchagin's The Apotheosis of War (1871).

February - Early May 2018: the sky blue index page

On May 11 2018, I had some form of burnout and I went on hiatus. I blacked-out my index page, nothing. I was so exhausted.

comments on this hiatus

On June 28th, I returned, complaining of hot summer weather. I was listening to Remo Drive's "Greatest Hits".
In mid to late 2018, I made a change from trapped-inside-da-web to simply trapped.
I couldn't stand the amount of hyphens in the name as well as how silly it sounded to me.
With this change, I went through a drastic change with design. Less gifs, just simplicity.
The first index image with this change was Christian Bale in 2000 or 2001, so I believe. Unfortunately, I do not know who took this photo.

notfound.html (summer 2018 to now):

Notes: David Sylvian from Japan in South Kensington Home, 1981 by Steve Jansen. I was obsessed with Japan and David Sylvian!

Notes: "drive" (on index), was supposed to be some sort of "Drive" (2011) film analysis page... never got to finishing it. Also, this marks the beginning of b/w index photo.
This is a still from the film version of Georges Perec's "Un homme qui dort" (1974). Perec was my first forray into oulipo literature.

Notes: Banco de Londres in Argentina, designed by Clorindo Testa and SEPRA through a contest announced in 1959. It was finished in 1966. A stellar example of Brutalist architecture.
"breakroom" was a cluster of little capsules of music and images. Beginning of "stroj" nonsense links page.

Notes: Alan Delon for the index page. I wanted to see the Antonioni triology around this time.
I am unsure on where this is still is from. I still admit to having not seen a single film he has starred in.

Notes: Lou Castel, still from "I Pugni In Tasca", watched the film, during this time 'breakroom' was still up and running

Notes: I used the 404 image for the index.html
Arrival of the "TRAPPED GLOBAL" button on index.html (button created 1.18.2020)

Notes: "Toys & Things Japanese: The Work of Shigeo Fukuda"
at IBM Gallery New York, opened May 1967, see more info here
In 2020, I kind of gave up on my site and my daily "blog". Marks the arrival of "glass", the tiny museum.
Arrival of the (Unofficial) Björk Fan Club Button (5.9.2020)

Notes: I made sure to archive my site this time.
"Orange's new escalator" - from Central West Libraries (photographer unknown)
Proper introduction of "work.html", the button page; introduction of "umm.html"

Notes: "Subway descent" by Vladimir Agafonkin (March 11, 2009) (CC BY 2.0) source (flickr)
introduction of pages "newnewnew.html", "tealog.html", and the My World of Text link on the "about.html"

Notes: "Like Whispers in the Fog" by Stefano Corso (January 15, 2010) (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
source (flickr)
I like this photo!